12 Life Lessons from Starting Over Again.

  1. Acceptance and Selfless Love are Essential for a Successful Relationship. 
    You need to accept everything about your significant other which means his/her past, present and future. A selfless love is one that puts the other before yourself. While some may believe that it’s about timing and readiness like Ginny (Toni) who believes that she is ready for the second time around, it is really acceptance that matters because you can prepare for the past and the present but the future will always be uncertain and you’ll need a degree of acceptance to take that risk.

    Patty’s (Iza) love for Marco (Piolo) is a love that fully accepts him and a selfless kind which is why it surpasses that of Ginny’s. Patty accepted Marco with his painful past, the present him with weaknesses as he is being swayed by his recollections with Ginny, his struggles and the fact that they are still on their way to being successful. She believes in him and fully supports him in pursuing his passion. She trusts him completely without fear. She was consistently calm, patient and understanding. Whether they fail or succeed, Patty is sure to stick with Marco.

    On the other hand, Ginny is focused only on herself. All she cared about is fixing her regrets and living in her own dream. She didn’t even bother to understand what Ginny felt when she abandoned him. She couldn’t accept that he now has issues with trust because of what she did. And, since she has left him before, there is no assurance that she won’t be scared in case he becomes unsuccessful and leave him again.

  2. Nothing is Constant so We Have to Move On.
    Everything changes especially people. We all have to move on whether towards the same direction or not. Time, experience and many other factors in life make people change. The experience of being abandoned by Ginny changed Marco in a way that he now values trust more than sparks and chemistry. This is a change Ginny had to accept as she moves on.

  3. Life is How We See It.
    We are the ones who give things meaning. Everything is subject to our own interpretation. For Marco, their second encounter is for closure. While, Ginny led herself to believe that it is for a second chance. Ginny made herself stuck with the shadow of the past. In reality, they’ve changed. And, the past which was so magical and beautiful for her has long vanished.

    Moreover, you cannot measure the success or progress of one’s life with just one aspect. Ginny prioritized financial security over love only to realize later on that she wants love too. From the romantics perspective, Ginny is pitiful. On the other hand, those who value career progression will envy her Barcelona degree. On the other hand, Marco valued love and relationship. He has already established a strong foundation with Patty who supports him as they both go along they journey to success.

  4. Even If You’re a Handsome Hunk, You Can Be Dumped, Abandoned or Worse Cheated if You Can’t Take Care of Your Lady.
    Ladies want a good provider so you guys have to work hard and be man enough to take care of your lady just like the hardworking future Marco. Otherwise, face the same painful fate as the past Marco.

  5. You May Only Have One Chance So Make the Best Out of It.
    Although we always wish for a second chance, life may only grant us one chance so we have to make the best out of it. Whether fair or not, that is how life goes.

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picTHOR-picTHOR :) Jgh. Natatawa talaga ako dito promise! :) LOL. Goodnight! :* #Thor (Taken with Instagram)